Relative Clauses

Do your students know how to define who or what they are talking about using relative clauses? Do they understand the difference between the defining and the non-defining relative clauses?

It's all relative when it comes to improving your students' grammar skills! But don't worry! E-planet is here to help!

Classroom Game I: Guess What

Beginners & Pre-intermediate / Young Learners & Teens

Divide your class into two teams. Have each team take turns choosing an object in the classroom to give clues about, e.g. 'This is something which we use when it rains.' for an umbrella.

If the other team can guess the object after just one clue, they score two poionts. If they need two clues to identify the object, they score one point. After three clues, they score zero. Who will be the winner? Let's find out!

Classroom Game II: Trivia Sentence Building

Beginners & Pre-intermediate / Young Learners & Teens

You just need this amazing card game from our Voices 6 series to make learning and practising the Relative Clauses enjoyable!

Download the cards and the instructions here: The Trivia Sentence Building Game.   

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