Class Size Matters! (A teacher's guide to large classes)

The more, the merrier? Well, not always! Teaching large classes and many students can be a really intimidating and daunting experience. But once you get the hang of it, it not only can be easy, but also fun. Let’s see how you can motivate students and keep them enthusiastic about learning English. Here are some useful tips to get off on the right foot! ...

Plans and Routines

Dead time while you are shuffling through books trying to choose another activity is the perfect time for your students to start misbehaving. That’s why planning and routines are two of the most important things to have in terms of maintaining order in the classroom.

It also helps to have a method for getting students’ attention if the class starts to get noisy. When there are moments that your students seem unfocused, start… talking! E-planet Educational Services conversation course, Live Chat, mixes discussion and tasked-based activities so that students can improve their conversation skills, and it is ideal for any teacher who wants to include more conversation in the classroom and keep students on their toes!

Active Learning

With larger class numbers there comes an even more diverse range of learning styles. That’s why using a variety of teaching techniques and active learning strategies will help you to engage all learning styles and therefore all students.

Divide and Conquer

Another key point to remember is that dividing a large class into teams and having a fun, competitive environment can motivate students. By awarding points to the quietest team or best behavior, you can keep their behavior in check, too.

Participation Chances

In a large classroom, it’s easy for quieter and more introverted students to fade into the background while the more outgoing ones answer questions and participate. Playing games where everyone has to take part really helps!

Technology Aid

Incorporating technology can make teaching large classrooms more manageable. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet, that’s not hard! Embrace the different ways technology can contribute to the learning process, and use the tech you need to increase student engagement and spark discussion. You'll see the interest level in your classroom increase by leaps and bounds!

For example, since motivation is one of the most important factors in foreign language acquisition, you can use the power of 3D animated cartoons to make learning fun.

Discipline and Rules

How do you get students to pay attention and not throw that eraser at their classmate’s head? You don’t have to be a mean teacher… but you also can’t let students get away with little things like constantly talking or starting fights. Make it clear from the first day of class what you won’t tolerate.

Smart Seating

Seating plans can make or break even the best of classes! Take a proactive approach and think about which students are most likely to start chatting, misbehaving or fighting during class.

Positive Rapport

A great rapport is important for all class sizes, but it is especially important in large classes because you will not be able to develop a one-on-one relationship with all students. Appear approachable, share interestinginformation about yourself and show your students that you want them to feel like they know you on a more personal level.

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