Looking for some sporting activities, games, and worksheets? E-planet is here to help! Are you ready to get the ball rolling in your ELT class?


The Missing Word Game

Beginners / Young Learners & Teens

How much do your students know about the story of the 1st World Cup and the sport of kite-surfing? Let them play the Missing Word game from our Voices 4 series. Only star students can find all the missing words really quickly! Who will be the winner?


Download it here: The Missing Word Game.

A Football Legend

Beginners / Young Learners & Teens


It’s time to meet the one and only football legend, Lionel Messi! Let your students have fun and sharpen their reading and vocabulary skills at the same time! Taken from our Summer Voices 4 student’s book, this exclusive worksheet explores the topic of football to help students understand the world of sports in English.

Download it here: A Football Legend.  


The Words Challenge Game

Pre-intermediate / Young Learners & Teens


You just decide 2 categories (e.g., sports and equipment) and your English learners score points by uniquely naming objects within this set of categories, given a designated letter. Are you ready to play with your students?

Download the worksheet from our Voices 6 series here: The Words Challenge Game.  



Living Dangerously

Pre-intermediate & Intermediate/ Teens & Adults


Extreme sports are on the rise all over the world. But what attracts people to these sports? Download this worksheet from our Voices 7 student’s book and help your learners of English understand why adventure excites all those thrill seekers!


Download here: Worksheet Page 1 and Worksheet Page 2  


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