E-planet E-learning Program – Learn English

The Most Powerful E-learning Program

Discover new ways to learn English from the comfort of your own home or office! Our amazing e-learning program, Learn English, is highly flexible and user-friendly. You can start using it immediately and access it anytime, anywhere. It will save you time and money as it speeds up the learning process and limits the need for face-to-face lessons. It is the most affordable, high-quality e-learning program for the teaching of English as a foreign language.

Who Can Use Learn English?

Children from the age of four enjoy using this program because they see it as a playful, interactive activity. Parents also benefit from it: they can learn, or refresh their knowledge of English while helping their children. Learn English includes the following courses: Voices, Live Chat and Station. We also offer e-learning programs for our business language courses and business workshops. You can use Learn English much like a website. Simply click on the pages to access reading texts, recordings, exercises and tests. It is specifically designed for students who do not have any specialised knowledge of computers. Enterprises and schools can use this unique program to help their employees or students to quickly improve their language and soft skills.

Try it yourself and you will see how much of a difference it makes!

Benefits of our E-Learning program

Use it quickly and effortlessly. Children, teenagers and adults alike find this interactive program fun and easy to use!
It is entirely online – no need to install anything on your computer.
You can do each exercise as many times as you want. Improve your English and perfect your score in no time!
It can be used by both individuals and organisations, such as schools or companies.
Access all our Student’s Books in digital and interactive form.
Communicate with others and track your progress.
A great variety of exercises and activities will help you develop and test your skills. Well-crafted texts and videos, as well as real-life dialogues and talks by native speakers, provide a great learning experience.
Improve your pronunciation right away with an extremely useful pronunciation guide, which includes voice recognition and evaluation. Listen to each new word or phrase, then record your voice and receive instant feedback on your pronunciation.
Get efficient online support through email, instant messaging or teleconferencing. Send us your questions anytime and you will receive a prompt reply.

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