Advantages of Online English Learning

As many students have discovered this year, mostly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, learning English online is very different from studying in a physical classroom. More and more teachers, students and parents are now inevitably asking the question, ‘Can learning English online lead to a successful journey towards the acquisition of a new language?’ Well, as more and more innovations are unveiled, technology plays a key role in enabling students to overcome most learning barriers of the past and embrace new ways of learning a foreign language... So, come on, let’s shed some light on this topic, and resolve any doubts you may have! Improved Concentration &Self-paced Learning Classroom can be great fun, but can also be full of distractions…Online courses seem to improve concentration, which, as all teachers know, is a major problem in ELT classrooms! Rather than being constantly instructed what to do and getting distracted by other students, you can select what activities to engage in and for how long – and this may really help you stay focused and motivated. What’s more, online courses give you full control over your learning experience. You just study and learn at your own pace, and you can always move ahead or backtrack to review the provided material. That’s how you customize the learning experience to meet your own needs. Instead of being held back by the speed of a traditional classroom or pushed ahead at a speed that’s beyond your abilities, you are allowed to master English without confusion or unnecessary difficulties. Great Flexibility &Ultimate Comfort Online modules are always there when you’re ready to learn — anytime, day or night. This allows you to adapt English learning to the rhythm of your life instead of having to be the one who adapts to the schedules of others. And let’s not forget that studying at home means that you’re immersed in a comfortable environment. That sounds great, right? It’s also a great opportunity to start creating that ideal study space you’ve always dreamed of! New Skills &Full Engagement Online learning is based on new technologies, digital tools and innovative resources. You just use all of them to complete an English course, but have you thought that – at the same time – you get familiar with technology and skills, which will certainly be useful at some point in your professional life too? For example, by completing English courses online, you’re demonstrating that you can understand how time management works, set priorities, and be self-motivated, which are among the top 10 employability skills employers want to see! And let’s not forget that all E-planet online courses and programs take advantage of the latest computer software. This means that the provided material often contains games, well-crafted videos, real-life dialogues and talks by native speakers, and other interactive components, designed to fully engage each student and boost his or her confidence! These are just some of the benefits of online learning. Would you like to try it? Waiting to see you soon in the E-planet online community! You may be just a click away from becoming the English speaker you’ve always dreamed of! After all, education is about enjoying new experiences – even in the most chaotic of times…Whatever your level of English is, we are here to help with online programs and hi-tech ‘teachers’ which you can carry in your pocket! And if you’ve been left itching for more, something tells us that you’ll love this post too: COVID-19 & LEARNING ENGLISH – 7 fun things to do while stuck indoors!

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