Children's Voices 4 B Class

Voices 4, accompanied by Learn English, an amazing e-learning program, is a unique course for B Class students. Travel to exotic places, such as Africa, India and Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas. Join our heroes, Vicky, Chris, Dennis and Mary, in their adventures. Learn about the lives and achievements of famous artists, athletes, writers and scientists. Find out fascinating facts about the animal kingdom. With this course, learning English becomes an exciting exploration!
Childrens Voices 4
  • Twenty-five lessons divided into five well-organised units
  • Five revision units
  • Grammar reference
  • Writing tips and models
Childrens Voices 3
  • Twenty-five lessons divided into five units
  • Five revision units
  • Crosswords and other fun exercises
  • Dialogues, articles, and stories
  • Listening exercises
Childrens Voices 4
  • Twenty-nine lessons divided into five units
  • Five revision units
  • Easy-to-read tables presenting grammatical phenomena
Childrens Voices 4
  • The Teacher’s Book in digital form
  • Detailed teaching instructions
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Lesson reviews
  • Games and other creative activities
  • Downloadable listening tracks
  • Listening transcripts
Childrens Voices 4 Childrens Voices 4
  • The Teacher’s Workbook and Teacher’s Grammar in digital form
  • Answers to the exercises
Childrens Voices 4
  • Interactive materials compatible with whiteboards,
    smartboards and computers
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Listening tracks
  • Accessible in class and at home
Test Card
  • Online test at the end of the course
  • Helps teachers, schools, students,
    and parents assess learning progress
Elearning Card
  • Access to the unique Learn English program
  • An extremely helpful pronunciation guide with
    voice recognition and evaluation
  • The Student’s Book in digital, interactive form
  • Extra interactive exercises
  • Grammar videos, audio tracks, and other multimedia
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