Developing your sales skills can play a major role in your career. Discover how to create a powerful sales pitch, handle customers’ objections, and write a sales email that stands out from the rest. Communication is of key importance in the business world. This 6-hour workshop, combined with a powerful e-learning program, can greatly improve your professional skills, as well as your knowledge of English. It is suitable for anyone whose knowledge of English is at the pre-intermediate level or higher.

The Business Skills textbook includes the following:
  • A practical 16-page book written in American English
    and packed with tips and advice
  • Dialogues and texts related to sales
  • Sales-related terms and standard expressions
  • Grammar
  • Reading, listening, speaking, writing and pronunciation exercises
The online Teacher’s Book includes the following:
  • The Sales book in digital form
  • Detailed teaching instructions
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Downloadable listening tracks
  • Extra tips and activities
  • Listening and video transcripts
  • E-learning texts
The online Self-study Guide includes the following:
  • Detailed instructions
  • Extra tips
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Listening and video transcripts
  • E-learning texts
Elearning Card
The Business Skills E-learning Card includes the following:
  • The Sales book in digita and interactive form
  • Listening tracks
  • Extra interactive texts and exercises
    (articles, quizzes, listening practice, etc.)
  • Extra business vocabulary
  • An entertaining educational video with exercises