Teens' Voices Year 6

Voices for Year 6 students transforms the study of language into a captivating experience. Our heroes, Vicky, Mary, Dennis, George, Alex, and his amazing robot, Rooby, get into adventures and discover new experiences. Vivid dialogues, moving real-life stories, environmental concerns, and intriguing facts make this book exciting and fun!
Junior Voices 6
  • Fifteen richly illustrated lessons
  • Three revision units
  • Extra grammar practice
  • Grammar Reference
Junior Voices 6
  • Fifteen lessons with a variety of interesting tasks
  • Six revision units
  • Crosswords and other fun exercises
Summer Voices 1
  • Dialogues, articles, and stories
  • Listening exercises
Junior Voices 1
  • The Teacher’s Book is available in both digital and hard copy
  • Detailed teaching instructions
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Lesson reviews
  • Games and other creative activities
  • Downloadable listening tracks
  • Listening transcripts
Junior Voices 1
  • The Teacher’s Workbook is available in both digital and hard copy
  • Answers to the exercises
Junior Voices 2
  • Interactive materials compatible with whiteboards,
    smartboards and computers
  • Answers to the exercises
  • Listening tracks
  • Accessible in class and at home
Test Card
  • Online test at the end of the course
  • Helps teachers, schools, students,
    and parents assess learning progress
Elearning Card
  • Access to the unique Learn English program
  • An extremely helpful pronunciation guide with
    voice recognition and evaluation
  • The Student’s Book in digital, interactive form
  • Extra interactive exercises
  • Grammar videos, audio tracks, and other multimedia
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