Phonics Fun with Phil and Fiona

For children 3-4 years old
Learning the alphabet has never been easier and more entertaining! Phonics Fun with Phil and Fiona is a full sensory approach for children three to four years old or older learners with educational challenges. Students will learn to recognise, pronounce and trace the letters through the use of colourful images, stickers, catchy songs and movements. Young learners are encouraged to develop their reading and writing skills in a playful, age-appropriate way. The course includes a host of amusing activities to help children consolidate the alphabet while keeping them actively engaged. Each lesson becomes an important stepping stone so every child can become a competent reader!

Phonics Fun with Phil and Fiona
  • Colourful Student’s Book including embossed stickers and detailed introduction
  • Fun memorable songs available online
  • Online printable flashcards