E-planet School Management Software

Organise your educational institute with the amazing E-planet School Management Software! It is convenient, user-friendly and very helpful to primary and secondary schools, language centres and universities.

Manage Classes and Groups

Here are some of the features that E-planet School Management Software offers:

  • A list of the classes and the groups in each school
  • A list of the students, the classes and the groups they belong to
  • Each student’s absences and his/her scores in the quizzes and e-learning exercises
  • The weekly and monthly course plan for each class
  • The courses that have been completed
  • The most recent lesson taught in the class, as well as the next one
Keep in mind that we can also customise our software to cover any special requirements you have!

E-planet Platform

The software offers an extensive database where you can store detailed information about customers, students and teachers.

For example, you can do the following:

  • Keep records about a person’s education, experience and special skills
  • Archive CVs
  • Check course details
  • Check who is using the e-learning program
  • Keep track of online midterm and final tests

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