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is an international organisation created by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of experts on education, marketing and development. Our goal is to provide our partners, students and customers with top-level services and products. That is why we have developed a unique, fully integrated company for ESL (English as a Second Language) educational services and business training. We combine traditional methods with cutting-edge technology to achieve a variety of purposes!

E-planet Services

Innovation is our passion, and commitment to service is our trademark. We believe that education should be available to everyone, so our mission is to offer the best value at the most affordable prices. Our vision is a world where all people can fully develop their potential and have a fulfilling life and career!


Voices is the perfect series for young learners. Combining cartoons, stories, songs, and stickers, as well as the unique Learn English program, these books make learning easier and a lot more fun!


Voices 7-9 is a modern series for teenagers. Along with our amazing Learn English program, it will greatly advance students’ skills and successfully prepare them for the B1 Preliminary (PET) and B2 First (FCE) examinations.


Whether you are interested in American or British English, we have just the right courses for you, which include a variety of fascinating and helpful topics organised into concise, inexpensive books. Use them in combination with our one-of-a-kind e-learning program, Learn English, to quickly develop your skills and become a fluent speaker.


These courses teach business skills which are important in almost every company. How can you keep your meetings brief and to the point? What are the main English terms you need to know and how can you express disagreement in a polite way? What should you include in a written invitation to a meeting? These unique workshops have it all!

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Benefits of Our Franchise

You can have the No. 1 language centre in your area with our help. Our franchise is the only one that offers the best quality products and services with the lowest possible startup capital. Join the E-planet family now!