New School Year Ahead: How to choose the right English language centre for your child

Choosing the right English language centre for your child can be a daunting task. So, how do you start? What key factors do you need to consider? What makes a good language school? What bad signs should you be wary of? Read on to find out!

Network & Methodology 

There are many advantages to choosing an English language centre that is part of an international network. The expertise of the English teachers, the high and strict standards that are usually applied and an ELT syllabus which is tried and tested internationally can guarantee that your child will benefit from a combination of the best of traditional classroom-based teaching methods with the latest useful technologies. 

what to watch for ✅ The approach of English language schools to language acquisition should go beyond books and simple audiovisual materials. For example, E-planet’s blended learning method combines classroom-based learning with the innovative e-learning program Learn English and stimulating extra materials for children, teenagers and adults such as exciting educational board games.

red flag 🚩 When language centres make overambitious claims about how fast your child can learn English and how many classes they can skip, they are just taking advantage of your lack of expertise in language teaching!

Qualifications & Feedback

Whatever the goals or ambitions of your child, they will certainly need at some point to take exams as a proof of high-level achievement in English. The centre you choose should prepare your child for qualifications that are accepted worldwide as a mark of excellence, opening doors to great education and employment opportunities. 

In addition, you should look for a centre that provides regular feedback on your child’s progress. Bear in mind that effective communication between you and your child’s English teachers is important and you should always be able to monitor your child’s performance easily. For example, with the E-planet mobile app you can have full access to your young English learner’s progress and test results. No more long and confusing email threads, lost paper sheets and quick after-school conversations!

what to watch for ✅ Look for partnerships (like our official partnership with Cambridge Assessment English) that offer all students attending lessons at the specific language centre you choose an internationally recognised English language certification.

red flag 🚩 A centre that doesn’t focus only on English language teaching means that your young student won’t have the chance to learn in an immersive environment. And you do know that being immersed in a language is the best and fastest way to become fluent in it and start speaking confidently, right? So, opt for a centre that is dedicated only to English language learning.

Schedule, Location & Cost

Last but not least, look for a centre that offers flexible scheduling options that work for your child and you. In addition, it should be located near your home or at a strategic point you can reach using public means of transport. 

And it goes without saying that breaking the bank shouldn’t be an option! The best value should always be offered at the most affordable prices, right? So, the core value of any great language centre should be that good education has to be available to everyone.

what to watch for ✅ Just like a work environment affects the way you do your job, high-quality classroom environments and up-to-date technology spur creativity and help young students to feel more motivated to engage in the learning process.

red flag 🚩 The biggest red flag can be a plethora of negative reviews. If you were looking to buy a new and expensive electrical appliance, you would do some Google research and look for positive reviews, right? So, apply the same logic! Find reliable information and reviews online, take a look at what other parents and current or previous students have to say and then make your decision. Good luck! 

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