Travel & Holidays

Are you ready for a quick dose of travel and holiday fun? Explore our resources and bring a bit of summer sunshine or winter magic into your ELT classroom! The Travel-inspired Idioms Infographic Intermediate / Teens & Adults Teach your students some of our favourite travel-related English idioms with a fun infographic! Download it here: 10 travel-inspired English idioms. The Mysterious Civilisations Worksheet Intermediate / Teens & Adults Download a useful worksheet taken from E-planet’s Live Chat 2 Intermediate Course book, and keep your students engaged and motivated to find out more about incredible places of interest worldwide!. Travel the World – Online Activities Intermediate / Teens & Adults Cambridge Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge, helps millions of people with great learning materials and globally accepted exams – and, yes, it can help your students too! What do the words hitchhike, baggage and customs mean? Can your English learners match the words to their meanings and add the correct prepositions to a story about going on a holiday? The Summer Holidays Speaking Activity Intermediate / Teens & Adults Get your class talking: Do you like travelling off the beaten track? Have you ever tried a digital detox? Are you a fan of slow travel? Have you ever suffered from culture shock? Read E-planet’s blog post 4 Summer Holiday Concepts you absolutely need to know with your students, and help them to not only enrich their English vocabulary, but also to see travelling in a different light! The Freerice Game Intermediate / Teens & Adults Do your students know where they would find Stonehenge? In Wales, Ireland, England or Scotland? What about Piccadilly Circus? Is it in London, New York, or Edinburgh? Here's an online game that most students love to play, since they learn vocabulary and help the UN World Food Programme at the same time! As students play Freerice and answer questions correctly, they trigger a financial payment to the World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world. In the recently updated version, players can also choose from various categories including the World Landmarks and the World Capitals that help students build their geographical knowledge and understand travel-related English vocabulary! The London Stories Artwork Intermediate / Teens & Adults Have you heard any of the amazing and bizarre stories London holds? Explore them with your students with the help of this inspirational artwork that Julia Allum created for the London Transport Museum!...

October 14, 2020


Looking for some sporting activities, games, and worksheets? E-planet is here to help! Are you ready to get the ball rolling in your ELT class? The Missing Word Game Beginners / Young Learners & Teens How much do your students know about the story of the 1st World Cup and the sport of kite-surfing? Let them play the Missing Word game from our Voices 4 series. Only star students can find all the missing words really quickly! Who will be the winner? Download it here: The Missing Word Game. A Football Legend Beginners / Young Learners & Teens It’s time to meet the one and only football legend, Lionel Messi! Let your students have fun and sharpen their reading and vocabulary skills at the same time! Taken from our Summer Voices 4 student’s book, this exclusive worksheet explores the topic of football to help students understand the world of sports in English. Download it here: A Football Legend. The Words Challenge Game Pre-intermediate / Young Learners & Teens You just decide 2 categories (e.g., sports and equipment) and your English learners score points by uniquely naming objects within this set of categories, given a designated letter. Are you ready to play with your students? Download the worksheet from our Voices 6 series here: The Words Challenge Game. Living Dangerously Pre-intermediate & Intermediate/ Teens & Adults Extreme sports are on the rise all over the world. But what attracts people to these sports? Download this worksheet from our Voices 7 student’s book and help your learners of English understand why adventure excites all those thrill seekers! Download here: Worksheet Page 1 and Worksheet Page 2

January 27, 2021


Imagine leaving Earth behind... Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel into space?The Solar System📌 Young Learners: Children & TeenagersDownload an engaging and fun worksheet taken from our VOICES 5 - Extra Practice Activities book and help your little students make a scale model of our solar system!Click here to download the worksheet: The Solar System*Tip: When you motivate your students to work in pairs or small groups and you incorporate multiple projects in your lessons, you teach English and the 4 C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking) at the same time.Click here and learn more about the importance of the 4 C’s in the English language classroom.The Solar System📌 Young Learners: Children & TeenagersTake a look at NASA Kids' Club website and inspire your students to learn more about Earth and all the planets in our solar system.Download the NASA’s Search & Rescue Colouring Book or the International Space Station Activity Book, play games and have fun with exciting activities for all English learners!Space Training📌 B1+ level / Teenagers & AdultsHave your students ever dreamt of becoming astronauts? Would they like to become members of the next generation of space leaders and explorers? Help them to sharpen their reading skills and find out more about the secrets of space exploration with a great worksheet taken from our VOICES 8 student’s book!Click here to download the worksheet: Space TrainingSpace Race to the Moon📌 B1-C2 levels / Teenagers & AdultsThe Science Museum in London aims to inspire visitors with award-winning exhibitions, iconic objects and stories of incredible scientific achievement. Take a look at the SPACE RACE TO THE MOON page and find out how Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the Moon!...

January 26, 2022